Easy being Vegan – 5 simple steps

I have been on my Vegan journey for 7 months now, it’s been exciting, eye opening and inspiring. Never before would I have considered writing or sharing my thoughts publicly but since going vegan I’ve found that individuals can make a difference and this offers confidence.

I was recently asked what steps I took to become vegan by an old friend who is considering becoming flexitarian. Flexitarian is a term he had picked up from a mentor and one I had never heard. He wants to transition to vegetarian and perhaps one day become vegan but not one of those preachy vegans!

My reply was; best way to be, we want everyone to be vegan and telling people to do it doesn’t work. There’s no real steps to doing it, just hints and tips for making it easier really. The morning after watching Vegucated and Cowspiracy I just stopped eating meat dairy and eggs. Also isinglass, honey and unsustainable palm oil. Really the only step is deciding what you are happy supporting, every time I buy food I know I’m voting for the way it’s produced.

I realised afterwards that this may not have been a very helpful response.

I’ve been thinking about it for the last couple of weeks and although I cannot offer a fool proof plan with steps to follow, I can offer my own experiences. I hope it helps.

Step 1

Be prepared to have your whole world turned inside out and upside down. Well not quite but you will have to accept that a lot of your long standing habits have been harmful to the planet, the animals and yourself this whole time. Best thing to do is keep your mind open, research, be ready to make changes and don’t dwell in guilt.

Step 2

Switch your diet, this is something you can do over night and after only two weeks you should start to see positive mental and physical changes within yourself. The food is the easy part; read those ingredients, look for vegan recipes of your favourite meals and try new things. You should have fun with your food, cook for your friends and family, share your new adventure.

Step 3

Every time you buy something new, check the labels. You are looking to make sure that your home and beauty products are cruelty free. Look for the vegan label, as products labelled as cruelty free aren’t tested on animals but may still contain animal products. When buying clothes make sure that it’s faux fur, leather, suede etc and if you aren’t sure about the labels ask the shop assistants.

Step 4

Don’t get caught up with Vegan junk food. It is amazing how much vegan food is available and sometimes it’s nice to eat rubbish but you’ll lose that awesome, energy filled feeling you get from eating your veggies if you fall into the trap of eating frozen foods and puddings everyday, let junk food be a treat.

Step 5

Be happy because you are proof that everyone can go vegan. Every time someone tells you that they just like the taste of meat or they couldn’t give up cheese or that you can’t be a healthy vegan, remember that you have opened your eyes and are living proof that you can change the way you view the world. So don’t get angry or upset, find common ground and build from there.


Whatever your reason for going vegan, make sure you are the best vegan version of yourself. Be inspired and inspire others too.